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Chemical Composition

Chemical Composition

Chemical composition serves as a basis for classification of refractories and as a guide to their chemical properties and refractories. Another important application of chemical analysis, as related to refractories, is in the control of quality of both raw materials and finished products. Minor components once thought to be unimportant are now recognized as controlling factors in the
performance of many refractories. Among the applications of chemical analysis to control of quality are: the determination of iron oxide and alkali contents of some clays; the alumina content of bauxites; the alumina and alkali content of silica refractories; the chromic oxide content and accessory oxide levels in chrome ores; the carbon content of graphite; and the boron oxide level in magnesites.

The chemical composition of a refractory material may not be the most important selection criterion, as brick of almost identical chemical composition may differ widely in their behavior under the same furnace conditions. Chemical analysis of a refractory alone does not permit evaluation of such properties as volume stability at high temperatures or ability to withstand stresses, slagging or spalling.


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