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Reverberatory furnace 水印

Reverberatory furnace, also known as flame reversible furnace, is a metallurgical furnace that heats materials directly through flame to smelt metals. It consists of combustion chamber, smelting chamber and exhaust flue (chimney). The whole furnace is a rectangular smelting chamber lined with refractory materials. The reverberatory furnace has a simple structure, small investment and a wide range of fuel types (such as coal, gas, heavy oil, etc.). It is important smelting equipment for copper, nickel, tin and other non-ferrous metals, and is widely used to treat ores and concentrates, especially fine powder; it can also be used for smelting ferroalloys and fire refining of metals. However, due to the direct contact between flame and metal, the oxidation loss of metal is large. The reverberatory furnace is often used as roasting equipment in metallurgy, chemical industry and other fields.

Furnace bottom: The furnace bottom is an important part of the reverberatory furnace. Because it has been under the action of high temperature for a long time, it bears the huge pressure of the melt, and is constantly subject to the melt erosion and chemical erosion, so it must be built with appropriate refractory materials or rammed and sintered to prolong the service life of the furnace. The requirements for furnace bottom are solid, corrosion resistant and free expansion when heating.

Furnace wall: the furnace wall is directly built on the furnace foundation. The furnace wall is subject to the physical and chemical action of high temperature melt and high temperature furnace gas, so the inner layer of the furnace wall of the smelting reverberatory furnace is mostly built with magnesium bricks and magnesium aluminum bricks, the outer layer is built with clay bricks, and some important parts are built with Magnesite Chrome bricks (RMK and DMK). The inner and outer walls of metal melting furnace with low melting point, such as aluminum melting reverberatory furnace, can be built with clay bricks.

Furnace top: the furnace top of the reverberatory furnace is divided into brick-built arch roof and suspended furnace top from the structural form. The reverberatory furnace with periodic operation and the reverberatory furnace with small furnace width usually adopts brick arch roof. Large-scale copper smelting reverberatory furnace mostly adopts hanging furnace top.








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