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Silica Brick for Coke Oven

Silica Brick for Coke Oven

Silica Brick for Coke Oven is made of quartz stone materials, the content of SiO2 is ≥ 94.5%.
Material mine in TiemenTown in LuoyangCity, (Famous for its crystalline quartz stone), to ensure the best quality from the high grade materials.

Silica Brick for Coke Oven Features:
1. Good acid and slag resistance.
2. Good thermal conductivity.
3. High tridymite content.
4. Accurate dimension and good appearance.

Silica Brick for Coke Oven Application:
Mainly used for coke oven of coking chamber and combustion chamber partition, steel open hearth of regenerative chamber and sediment chamber, soaking furnace, glass melting furnace, refractory silica brick materials and ceramic firing kiln and kiln of the vault and other supporting parts.
Used in the construction of regenerative chamber, chute, combustion chamber, coking chamber, furnace roof etc. parts of the coke ovens.
Also used in hot blast stove of high temperature bearing parts and the roof of acid open hearth furnace.

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