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Silica Brick for Hot Blast Stove

Silica Brick for Hot Blast Stove

Silica Brick is mainly used for hot-blast stove, tunnel kiln, coke oven, glass kiln, acidic furnace non-ferrous metal smelting and some other thermo technical equipment in good furnace building materials.


The Advantages of OSYMEN Silica Bricks for Hot Blast Stove

High purity, good thermal conductivity, high refractoriness under load and high tridymite content, low true density, low expansion, low creep and low residual quartz content, good dimension and appearance.


Areas of Application:
Widely used in hot blast stoves.
Used in high temperature sections of the checker chamber in hot blast stoves.
Used as low-cost alternative to andalusite and mullite checker bricks in hot blast stoves.
High refractoriness, average thermal shock resistance makes it suitable in consistent temperature environment.


Further Notes:
Various shapes of silica bricks are available. Provide tailor-made products as per customer specific requirement.
Hot blast outlet, man-hole and thermomete-hole assemblies are available upon request.


Silica bricks are an essential material used in hot blast stoves, primarily in the high-temperature sections of the checker chamber. Their properties and applications make them ideal for this challenging environment. Here’s a detailed look at the characteristics, advantages, and technical specifications of silica bricks used in hot blast stoves:


Characteristics of Silica Bricks

  1. Composition: Silica bricks for hot blast stoves are mainly composed of natural silica sand, with the SiO2 content being above 95%. They contain scaly quartz as the main phase​​​​.
  2. Thermal Properties: These bricks are known for their high temperature and volume stability. They can endure the high-temperature environment of hot blast stoves effectively​​​​.
  3. Chemical Properties: They offer excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and have a low true density, making them suitable for prolonged use in corrosive environments​​​​.


Advantages of Silica Bricks in Hot Blast Stoves

  1. High Refractoriness: Silica bricks can withstand high temperatures, maintaining stability under load, which is crucial for the efficient operation of hot blast stoves​​​​.
  2. Low Expansion and Creep: These bricks exhibit low expansion and creep rates under high temperatures, ensuring the structural integrity of the stove over time​​​​.
  3. Dimensional Stability: They maintain their dimensions and appearance even under extreme conditions, providing reliability and consistency in the construction of hot blast stoves​​.
  4. Thermal Conductivity: Good thermal conductivity is another key feature, which aids in the efficient transfer of heat within the stove​​.



Silica bricks are predominantly used in the high-temperature sections of hot blast stoves. With their high refractoriness and average thermal shock resistance, they are suitable for environments with consistent temperatures. They are also used as a cost-effective alternative to andalusite and mullite checker bricks in these stoves​​​​​​.



In summary, silica bricks are vital in the construction and maintenance of hot blast stoves, especially in the high-temperature sections. Their high purity, thermal stability, low expansion, and resistance to chemical corrosion make them an ideal choice for this application. The ongoing advancements in the manufacturing and composition of these bricks continue to enhance their performance in these critical applications.

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