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Specification introduction and comparison table of SK32/SK34/SK35/SK36/SK37/SK38/SK40 refractory bricks

In the article “brand of refractory brick”, we introduced SK refractory brick and the meaning of SK in SK refractory brick. Today, let’s learn about SK series of refractory bricks.


Internationally, many countries use SK as the standard to test the fire resistance(refractories), but the SK series of fire bricks are the fire bricks whose international standard code begins with sk. The common SK series of fire bricks are sk30, SK32/ SK34/SK35/SK36/SK37/SK38 and SK40, and the comparison is the fire bricks with 30%, 35%, 38%, 45%, 55%, 65%, 70% and 82% aluminum oxide content in China.


China’s aluminum refractory bricks include clay bricks and high alumina bricks. If the Al2O3 content is ≤ 48%, it is clay bricks, and if the Al2O3 content is more than 48%, it is high alumina bricks.


Clay brick is a weak acid refractory product. It uses clay as the main raw material, adds powder, additives and binders according to certain particle size requirements, and is fired at 1300~1400 ℃ after molding and drying. Clay brick has good thermal performance, rapid cooling and heating resistance, can resist the erosion of acid slag and acid gas, and has poor resistance to alkaline substances. Clay brick is economical and has a wide range of applications.


High alumina bricks are aluminum silicate refractory products with aluminum content of more than 48%. Generally, they are made by taking bauxite as the main raw material, adding other powders, additives and binders through batching, mixing and molding. High alumina brick has high load softening temperature, good thermal shock resistance, strong acid, alkali and slag corrosion resistance. High alumina bricks are commonly used to build metallurgical furnaces such as blast furnaces, hot blast furnaces, ladle and rotary kiln linings. High alumina bricks can also be used as lattice bricks on hot blast furnaces to stack regenerators.


Internationally, SK Series Refractory bricks represent aluminum refractory bricks. Let’s talk about the comparison table and physical and chemical indexes of SK Series:

ITEM Clay Brick High Alumina Brick
SK30 SK32 SK34 SK35 SK36 SK37 SK38 SK40
Al2O3,% ≥ 30 32 38 45 55 65 70 82
Fe2O3,%≤ 2.5 2.5 2 2 2 2 2 2
Refractories,SK 30 32 34 35 36 37 38 40
Refractories,℃ 1670 1710 1750 1770 1790 1820 1850 1920
Refractory under Load,0.2Mpa 1250 1350 1370 1420 1450 1480 1530 1600
Apparent Porosity,% ≤ 22-26 20-24 20-22 18-20 20-23 20-23 20-22 18-20
Bulk Density 1.9-2.0 1.95-2.1 2.1-2.2 2.15-2.22 2.25-2.4 2.3-2.5 2.4-2.6 2.5-2.7
Cold Crushing Strength,g/cm3 20 25 30 40 45 50 60 70


The above is the specification introduction and comparison table of SK Series Refractory bricks. Due to different standards, the refractory bricks also represent certain differences. For more information about SK Series Refractory bricks, please contact OSYMEN refractory.


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